Finally, after five months, the September Presidential elections results were announced Tuesday Feb 18, by the Independent Election Commission (IEC). Though this is the final announcement of this elections’ season in Afghanistan, but it is also the beginning of another controversial new season. While President Ashraf Ghani has celebrated his victory in the presidential election, Abdullah, by rejecting the results announced by the IEC,

19 February 2020

The United States has called for restraint as Afghans wait for election results, accepting the need for a delay to ensure a fair count. Alice Wells, the assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asia, said after a visit to Kabul she was pleased that all major candidates had pledged to accept results. "I stressed the need for a transparent and credible tallying process

25 October 2019

The negotiations between the United States and the Taliban were focused on one topic – the terms and conditions for an eventual withdrawal of U.S. and other international forces. As we all know, on September 7 the U.S. president stated publicly that a signing event for the agreement had been scheduled to occur and was now suspended.  He called these talks “dead” although

21 September 2019

The Taliban released a statement calling the democratic process of elections in Afghanistan as “deceiving“. It has asked people to stay away from gathering so they don’t become “potential targets”, possibly signalling that they could attack on any rallies of presidential candidates. As most Afghans look forward to the presidential elections to exercise their voting and political rights, which are equal for all, the

6 August 2019

Sayyed Nurullah Jalili, presidential election candidate who leads the Modar Watan (Motherland) Election Team pointed out that these days no one is employed based on merits, but based on ties. “I promise to remove that culture”, he assured. At his first campaign rally in Kabul, Jalili vowed to ensure an enduring peace in the country, end poverty, support rule of law and move Afghanistan

4 August 2019

Chief Executive of National Unity Government Dr Abdullah Abdullah pointed out that no one has the right to order police whom to work or vote for, and to do so is against law and spirit of free, fair and credible election. Addressing the International Police Coordination Board (IPCB) meeting in Kabul in the presence of ambassadors and representatives of some countries, Dr. Abdullah once

4 August 2019

Seyad Taha Sadiq: Lawmaker from Herat Sayed Taha Sadiq was born in 1989 in Herat province, and completed his school in Herat province. He then obtained his bachelor’s degree in the field of Management and Commerce from India and received his master’s degree in Urban Analysis and Management from a University in Italy. He is an ethnic Tajik and competed as an independent candidate for

30 July 2019

President Ashraf Ghani gave an interview to TRT world on Tuesday and expressed that the fundamental issue is stability in Afghanistan which can only come through a democratic system, “If we do not have a system where the citizens elect their leaders, there will not be stability. The emirate was never accepted by the people of Afghanistan. It was imposed by faux. Our

16 July 2019

Tadamichi Yamamoto, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has expressed regarding the efforts related to the upcoming presidential elections and the work to create an initial peace framework in Afghanistan, that both processes are “top priorities for the United Nations”. “Considering the various media reports speculating about the position of the United Nations on

30 June 2019

The voter registration process will end on Saturday in other provinces. However it will continue for another week in Ghazni province, as per the head of the Independent Election Commission's Chief, Hawa Alam Nuristani. The presidential elections are set to take place in September 2019. Meanwhile, the National Unity Government’s tenure ended earlier this month, because of which its continuance and constitutionality has been

27 June 2019