The Afghan Independent Election Commission (IEC) has announced the parliamentary elections’ preliminary results for 25 provinces so far, results of the latest 5 being declared on Monday evening, December 10. Based on these results, Ghulam Abbas Ebrahimzada, Abdul Hamid Sharifi, Ahmad Shah Ramazan, Mohammad Ali Mohaqiq, Alamkhan Azadi, Sayed Zahir Masroor, Abdolkhaliq, Gol Rahman Hamdard, Saifura Niazi, Fawzia Hamidi and Breshna Rabi are set

13 December 2018

In a press conference on Thursday, the chairperson of Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission Sima Samar said that she encourages all men and women who have registered to vote, to take active part in the electoral process and cast their vote on the day of the elections. However, in another statement, Ms Samar expressed concern over the possibly time-consuming process of biometric technology based

18 October 2018

Herat, the foremost province in western Afghanistan, and one of the country’s cultural and economic hubs, is soon going to face parliamentary elections. Local authorities in the province are struggling to hold a transparent election, amidst all the security concerns and electoral challenges haunting the province. According to an interview with local authorities of Herat, the province is undergoing serious problems can make it

9 October 2018

For only 33 parliamentary seats in Kabul there are 753 people competing for them, which means that 23 people are competing for one seat. The election commission has not yet specified the final number of voters from Kabul, because it was revealed that in some districts, including one to two districts of Kabul, the number of voters did not match the total population

4 October 2018

The process of voter registration in each province of Afghanistan is full of challenges and problems. Security which is one such problem, has made the electoral process in insecure provinces to be one of the most challenging segments of the elections that are to take place on 20th October 2018. A lack of participation in the election has raised questions about its inclusivity

3 October 2018

President Ghani has allocated 100 million Afghanis to implement development projects and 5 thousand tons of wheat to the province of Faryab on Sunday. In a meeting with Faryab Province officials in Kabul, the President declared that more aid will be provided  in various development areas and better security measures would be enforced in the province.

After the meeting at

2 October 2018

As IEC announced the arrival of a final batch of biometric kits on coming Thursday, as it seems that the electoral watchdog has begun its tough work on the upcoming elections for parliament. Last week, the IEC began to train 250 of its personnel in the usage of biometric devices and the training was completed in 3 days. The trained personnel are now supposed

1 October 2018