Kabul: The Biden administration is working with the Congress to offer more visas to Afghan nationals who risk being targeted by the re-emergent Taliban for assisting US forces during the two-decade war there. The legislative push comes as officials rush to evacuate thousands of Afghans to neighboring countries before the withdrawal of US forces is completed next month. Representative Jason Crow, a Colorado Democrat,

19 July 2021

Kabul: General Scott Miller, who has commanded US and NATO troops in Afghanistan since 2018, earlier Monday handed over command of any remaining US operations in Afghanistan to US Central Command chief General Frank McKenzie, who will oversee the end of the withdrawal from his headquarters in Florida, and listed out his out priorities for the region. While the Biden administration has said the

13 July 2021

Kabul: Pentagon officials are watching the Taliban's sweeping advances in Afghanistan "with deep concern" and are encouraging its Afghan partners to "step up" and defend their country amid the pullout of US forces, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said on Sunday. Kirby told Fox News that the Pentagon was "not unmindful" of the situation. "We're certainly watching with deep concern the deteriorating security situation

12 July 2021

Kabul: The Taliban has plans to present a written peace proposal to the Afghan government side as soon as next month, a spokesperson for the group told Reuters even as they make major territorial gains in the country. "The peace talks and process will be accelerated in the coming days and they are expected to enter an important stage, naturally it will be about

6 July 2021

Kabul: The joint spokesperson for the security forces announced on Tuesday that the people's mobilization forces would soon become part of the regular military framework and would operate in the form of a local army alongside the security and defense forces. Ajmal Omar Shinwari, the spokesperson for the security forces, at a news conference said that the people's mobilization forces are an achievement for

29 June 2021

Kabul: Abdullah Abdullah, head of the High Council for National Reconciliation (HCNR), in an address to Antalya Diplomacy Forum in Turkey on Friday called on the Taliban to engage in talks, reiterating that there is a “real opportunity” for peace in the country that should be utilized. “There is a real opportunity for peace, and it is our collective obligation to make the most

19 June 2021

Kabul: Mistrust between the Afghan government and the Taliban, as they both have two different alternative visions for Afghanistan's future, has slowed down the peace talks, said Us special representative for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad in an interview with The World. Khalilzad, who has been at the heart of the efforts to negotiate a deal between the United States and Taliban, said that the Afghan

12 June 2021

Kabul: The Pentagon is weighing whether to authorize airstrikes in Afghanistan if its capital, Kabul, or other parts of the country fall to the Taliban, senior administration officials told The New York Times. Military officials are actively discussing how to respond to potential consequences following the withdrawal of US troops, as per the report. US President Joe Biden and his administration had said previously

10 June 2021

Kabul: The US has completed about half of its withdrawal from Afghanistan, US Central Command (CENTCOM) head General Kenneth McKenzie said on Monday. "We've completed about half of the entire retrograde process and we will meet the September deadline to complete the full withdrawal from Afghanistan," he said. He also urged the Afghan government and the Taliban to resume talks, noting the coming months

8 June 2021

Kabul: There are been increasing pressure on the Australian government from various quarters to evacuate Afghan staff who have supported its diplomats and soldiers across Afghanistan with the withdrawal of troops underway in full swing. The Returned and Services League (RSL) of Australia has urged their government to do the “right thing”, while former officers who served in Afghanistan have said the threat of

7 June 2021