In an interview with Ariana News, US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad briefed about all that happened at the Abu Dhabi Talks. Being his third visit to the region since his appointment as special representative, Khalilzad spent few days at Abu Dhabi, where he held talks with UAE, KSA, and Taliban on one of the meetings. Following are the remarks of Ambassador

20 December 2018

The second day of talks between US officials and the Afghan Taliban group continued on Tuesday, December 18 with a focus on the future of foreign forces in Afghanistan and the prospect of a six-month ceasefire. Taliban officials who did not want to be named, told Reuters that the American delegation is pressing the Taliban for a six-month cease-fire and an agreement to identify

20 December 2018

On Wednesday, a ceremony on introducing Umer Daudzai as President Ashraf Ghani’s special envoy for regional affairs on consensus around peace and head of the HPC secretariat took place. The address was begun by head of the High Peace Council Mohammad Karim Khalili, who said “We need to find a common point for ending the war in the country.” He expressed how the war

19 December 2018

The Afghan army has recently implemented a new approach towards eliminating Taliban leaders, which is called "averting aggressive attacks on civilians and in public places."

"Each member of the Taliban group that emphasizes violence against the Afghan civilians and is an impediment to a peaceful solution and will be eliminated," said Shaheen 209 Corps in northern Afghanistan, on

18 December 2018

India has strongly held a stance and criticised the UN for its ‘failure’ to demonstrate any resolve towards curtailing the new Taliban leaders who are spreading violence and instability in Afghanistan. Counselor in India's Permanent Mission to the UN Eenam Gambhir said at a UN General Assembly debate on the situation in Afghanistan that it is clear the terrorists who plan and perpetrate attacks

8 December 2018

John R. Bass, the US Ambassador to Afghanistan discussed the Afghan peace process in an interview with TOLONews on Friday, December 7. Reporterly has summarized the key points of the conversation. Ambassador John Bass emphasized clearly on the important agency of Afghans themselves in the reconciliation process which was a recurring point that he made throughout the interview. His core argument was that there

8 December 2018

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan in a recent interview to Washington Post expressed his thoughts on the ongoing seemingly soft feud between Washington and Islamabad. “It was not really a Twitter war, it was just setting the record right. [Khan wrote on the site this fall: “He needs to be informed abt historical facts. Pak has suffered enough fighting US’s war. Now we will

8 December 2018

UN OCHA in their Weekly Field Report for Afghanistan noted that the number of verified IDPs from last week remain the same,” A total of 306,200 people have been verified as being displaced by conflict in 2018. According to OCHA’s Displacement Tracking System (DTS), the number of verified IDPs remains same from previous week. Overall, the number of people displaced so far is 36.6%

6 December 2018

The Geneva Ministerial Conference on Afghanistan included delegations from 61 countries and 35 international organizations, and representatives of civil society, the private sector and the media as well. It was held from 27-28 November and was a much awaited summit especially after many initiatives for peace in Afghanistan have gathered steam. The conference was co-chaired by Minister of Foreign Affairs Salahuddin Rabbani, Minister of

29 November 2018

During the last two weeks, Taliban attacks have intensified in the city of Farah and several districts of the province, and heavy clashes have taken place between the government and the Taliban. Local officials are worried about the fall of the province for the third time. A number the Farah Provincial Council members say that at least one or two police outposts have fallen

19 November 2018