First Vice President Amrullah Saleh on Tusday said that the tactics of the Kabul University attackers were those of a new Taliban group created in Khost under the name “Fateh Zwak.” IS-K (Daesh) had claimed that two of its fighters, Anas al-Panjshiri and Tariq al-Khorasani, were targeting newly graduates judges and lawyers of the “apostate Afghan government” in the attack on Monday. However, the

3 November 2020

Over 2,500 religious scholars said there was no legitimate reason for the war in Afghanistan and called for both parties to stop the struggle for power and the killing of more Afghans. At a gathering in the Loya Jirga hall in Kabul on Sunday, the ulema from various provinces declared their support for the peace process and said that further violence would destroy the

26 October 2020

President Ashraf Ghani “vehemently” condemned the Islamic State-claimed suicide bombing at an education centre in Kabul’s Dasht-e-Barchi which has killed at least 24 people, including teenage students, and wounded 57 others. The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said that security guards were able to identify the bomber and he detonated before reaching his target which was the Kowsar-e Danesh tuition centre in Pul-e-Khoshk area on

25 October 2020

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said the Afghan National Army (ANA) troops stationed at the Kot-e Ashro camp in Wardak were attacked by the Taliban but have now been provided much-needed aid. The wounded men have been transported to the hospital while ammunition and weapons have been restocked, the MoD said on Monday. In a video that went viral on social media, Abdul Jabbar, commander

19 October 2020

Almost a week since the fights between the Taliban and the Afghan security forces started in Helmand, Emergency, a medical non-governmental organisation (NGO), said their surgical centres in Lashkar Gah have reached capacity. “Our Surgical Centre for War Victims in Lashkar-Gah is now saturated,” the organisation said in a press release on Friday. “We have already added emergency beds and now are only able

17 October 2020

A general meeting of the Afghan government and the Taliban’s negotiating teams was held on Wednesday evening, amid rising violence in Afghanistan. Nader Nadery, spokesperson for the Afghan government’s negotiating team, tweeted that the heads and members of both delegations met, and the contentious issues were discussed. "The heads and members of both delegations discussed disputed issues and emphasized that the contact groups meet again

15 October 2020

With over 35,000 people displaced and nearly 200 killed and wounded in Helmand, Afghan government’s peace negotiator Nader Nadery said if violence continues in Afghanistan, they might have to reassess. Speaking to BBC, Nadery said it was “unacceptable” for the people to continue suffering due to the increasing violence. “If the violence goes higher and continues for a longer period of time the level

14 October 2020

Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, on Monday said that while peace talks have continued in Doha, violence has increased alongside. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Zamzam Foundation, a charity to support war victims and orphans, Abdullah said that historic steps have been taken for peace. “The talks are underway, the steps which are taken are preliminary and historic

13 October 2020

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh said the Taliban is continuing their bloodshed and indiscriminate killings as they consider a ceasefire to be their “political death.” Writing on Facebook on Monday, Saleh said the main reason for the increase in the Taliban’s “absurd and bloody attacks” was the misunderstanding of the group, revealing their “ignorance” regarding the political developments in and around Afghanistan. “The Taliban are

12 October 2020

Faryab Governor Naqibullah Faiq said on Sunday, the Taliban have intensified their offensives in all districts of the province. "The Taliban have intensified their attacks in all Faryab districts. Security forces are defending their strongholds till the morning," Faiq tweeted. He also added that a “bezbezak” (night vision camera/scope) was the “most dangerous weapon of the Taliban” which they were using to target security forces

11 October 2020