Kabul: Pentagon officials are watching the Taliban's sweeping advances in Afghanistan "with deep concern" and are encouraging its Afghan partners to "step up" and defend their country amid the pullout of US forces, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said on Sunday. Kirby told Fox News that the Pentagon was "not unmindful" of the situation. "We're certainly watching with deep concern the deteriorating security situation

12 July 2021

Kabul: The withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan actually means that the United States has recognized the failure of its twenty-year-long mission in this country, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday. "The United States is not merely withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan, it is doing that having actually recognized the failure of its twenty-year-long mission," he said during a lecture at

8 July 2021

Kabul: Following the safe and orderly drawdown of forces and equipment from Afghanistan by the end of August, the US Defense Department plans to maintain robust over-the-horizon capability if needed, the Pentagon press secretary said on Tuesday, adding that the withdrawal of troops is now almost 90 percent complete. John F. Kirby held a press briefing and said that the DOD is in active

7 July 2021

Kabul: US President Joe Biden and Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani met on Friday and discussed the winding down of the Resolute Support Mission and with that the transition to a new relationship with Afghanistan and with the Afghan forces. Both sides reaffirmed the importance of ensuring that Afghanistan never again serves as a safe haven for terrorists. On Friday, Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman

26 June 2021

Kabul: US President Joe Biden is looking forward to a meeting with his Afghan counterpart Ashraf Ghani during which the two leaders will discuss ways to ensure Afghanistan never again becomes a safe haven for terrorist groups who pose a threat to America, the White House has said. Biden will meet Ghani at the White House on Friday for the first face-to-face interaction ahead

22 June 2021

Kabul: In a big development, General Frank McKenzie, the commander of US Central Command, told VOA that the United States is not planning to support Afghan forces with air strikes after the US troop withdrawal is complete, and counterterrorism strikes in Afghanistan will be limited to instances when attack plans have been discovered to strike the US homeland or the homelands of our

14 June 2021

Kabul: US President Joe Biden and his NATO counterparts will bid a symbolic farewell to Afghanistan on Monday in their last NATO summit before America winds up its longest “forever war” and the US military pulls out for good. The meeting is bound to renew questions about whether NATO's most ambitious operation ever was worth it. The 18-year effort cost the United States alone

14 June 2021

Kabul: US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Friday that the US military is already performing so-called over-the-horizon operations, undertaken from outside the nation, as it is currently withdrawing from Afghanistan. Pentagon officials have long promoted the military's presence in other parts of the Middle East, such as the Gulf region, for its ability to provide over-the-horizon capabilities, but General Frank McKenzie has warned

12 June 2021

Kabul: The US has completed about half of its withdrawal from Afghanistan, US Central Command (CENTCOM) head General Kenneth McKenzie said on Monday. "We've completed about half of the entire retrograde process and we will meet the September deadline to complete the full withdrawal from Afghanistan," he said. He also urged the Afghan government and the Taliban to resume talks, noting the coming months

8 June 2021

Kabul: A US delegation led by Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad on Friday departed for Kabul, Doha and the region. A US inter-agency delegation, including the National Security Council, Department of Defense, and USAID members were part of the delegation, said the media note of the US Department of State. In Kabul, the delegation will meet with the Afghanistan government, other political

6 June 2021